Myth: The Final Battle

Venus & Her Lover: Why Gods & Goddesses?
June 18, 2018
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February 14, 2021

A Myth to Empower & Liberate Us

by  Becca Tzigany

It is the heat of the battle.  Mars and Venus stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and sometimes back-to-back, fending off attackers.  The scene is from ancient times.  Clanking of swords, battle cries, a smoky field of conflict.



Mars takes stock of the situation.  He is wounded, fighting in a losing battle, and so must make grim decisions. He realizes he will not make it out of this one alive.  Before he succumbs, however, he must save the Goddess.  Her mission is not done.   It is imperative she be delivered to her next destination, but sadly, this old Charioteer is unable to do so.  In fact, he becomes more of liability with each passing minute.  He realizes they must divide forces, and tells her so. 

“No,” she refuses.  “I am not leaving you.  We are in this together!”

In order to save her, Mars must get ferocious and drive her away.

“Let me go! You are no longer my lover.  I do not desire you.”

“What?!”  Venus is astounded.  “No one refuses Venus!  And least of all you!”

Mars yells, “Go away from me!  We are not in this together anymore!”

Venus cannot believe it.  Through tears, she refuses to leave him, and hugs him tight.  Mars pinches her back with his strong hands. The wounded goddess stumbles away, clutching her heart.

“You betray me!” she wails.  “It feels like you stab me in the back.”

Mars calls for his favorite steed, a golden Percheron named Aithon (whose name means “Red Flame”), massive and brawny and loyal for a lifetime. Mars lifts Venus upon the war horse’s back.  The goddess searches his eyes, striving to understand, and there she reads what has forced him to take command of this critical moment.  That one look expands into their

Venus & Mars in “Upon the Mount, Above the Clouds”, detail, by JG Bertrand (Excerpt from The Pillow Book of Venus & Her Lover)

eternal connection — the seductive excitement of being diametrically opposed and the miracle of unconditional love that allowed them to transcend their absolute differences and co-create new paradigms to empower the couple.  In that time out of time, they dance in the flames of their undying love. Venus now understands that her partner is doing what he has to do for the mission to survive.  Now she must go forth alone.  Mars will protect her, and open the way for her to go.

“Grab the mane,” he says, as he places her hands on Aithon’s neck.  Giving his steed a slap on the hindquarters, he commands his longtime totem companion, “Take my lover to safety!”

The horse bolts. Though wounded, Mars rages ahead swinging his sword, clearing the path.  Demons and minions scatter before the awesome fury of the God of War and his fire-breathing mount as it gallops forward. Staring straight ahead, Venus focuses on navigating her way out of the battlefield.   Leaving behind the fight, the war, the pain, the struggle, the suffering. Leaving it all behind.


A soldier stabs Mars in the heart, and another slashes his knees.  He falls to the ground but continues swinging his sword against all oncomers.  Demons swarm around him, attacking from all sides, finally leaving him alone to die. The Warrior lays down his sword. Mortally wounded, he peers toward the horizon.  The golden horse carrying Venus has made it to the ridge line.  She is safe.  She’ll make it to her next destination and spread the message of the power of Love.  She will complete their mission.

Venus turns, surveying the battleground, to see her beloved Mars, fallen.  Across the distance, they lock their gaze and bid one another a knowing farewell.

As Mars is dying, the young Maiden comes to him, cradling his head and weeping.  He realizes he has fully lived the Warrior — his job is done — and now he can surrender to the inner peace that is widening within him. Mars feels the weight dropping, he is getting lighter, and for the first time in his life, the Warrior is free. 


Looking heavenward, he smiles with satisfaction and takes one last sweet breath.  As his spirit ascends, an ethereal Venus is there, receiving him with dakini-angel arms.  She smiles her wise and loving smile. Finally the Warrior can rest.  He has fulfilled his destiny.  He paid the ultimate price to receive his ultimate reward. The war is over. . .  His war is over.


Cresting the ridge, Venus stops the horse and closes her eyes.  She feels Mars’ departure from this plane.  One last tear rolls down her cheek.  She opens her eyes.   Spreading out before her is a green valley, a land of abundant opportunities that will receive what she is carrying in her heart.  She gently nudges the golden stallion to begin to plod down through trees and alpine meadows. 


Along the trail, to her right, she spies a red flower.  A red rose. Reaching for it, thorns prick her fingers.  Ah, this life:  pain and beauty.  As Mars once told her:   “Without thorns, it is not a rose.”  Feeling her Mars man’s presence, she spurs Aithon onward at full gallop.  Empowered, she goes headlong toward her destiny, riding joyously on the path of liberation.


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  1. Mary Woods says:

    A true love story never ends because Love Is Eternal. All things seem to change in our temporary human myth where forgiveness is the final lesson. The shadow side of our special love relationships is the special hate when they fail us. All our special relationships are substitutes for the Love of God, which is always what we are seeking for in another. Yet it is through true forgiveness of “others” that we remember that God is within us, the Real Eternal Love that is our Truth of our Being. So, the final battle is within each of us, as we surrender our special self and choose to identify with our Holy Self, allowing all our special relationships to be transformed into holy relationships. The true path of liberation is awakening from the myth and remembering Reality. We Are Eternal Love.

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