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by JG Bertrand


Bertrand uses only the finest available materials for the limited-edition fine art reproductions. All prints are produced through the museum-recognized Giclée process using acid-free papers, “endurachrome” dyes, and UV coating for extra protection and longevity. Bertrand signs, numbers, and certifies each print.

The images shown here are very low resolution based on paintings of high-definition detail at a scale of 3′ x 3′ on average. Here are a several examples of close-up details at their full resolution, from faces and body parts to jewelry and eyes, from animals foreground and background, to writing on desks and paintings in the background:

In addition to The Pillow Deck print series (art from The Pillow Book that has been edited and/or altered to fit the deck format), Bertrand has also produced Pillow Book prints in their original content and shape. All images are available on paper:

  • small 8″x10″ prints of each painting (limited to editions of 500 of each painting)
  • large 16″x20″ prints of each painting (limited to editions of 150 of each painting).

Large format reproductions on canvas of each painting (limited to editions of 10 of each painting) are also available upon request, starting at $1,600.

Additional prints are available. For specifics, please get in touch (contact info is below)