Venus and Her Lover

Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves

by Becca Tzigany

Sometimes it seems like the odds are stacked against fulfilling relationships … because they are!

♦  the hidden history of human development

♦   what archetypal influences guide men and women

♦   the sources of sexual passion

♦   ways to break out of disempowering patterns

♦   how surrendering to one’s destiny path opens into magic, synchronicities, and miracles


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Venus and Her Lover ~ Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves is an adventure story of two artists, Becca and James, who picked up the threads of human history, mythology, sexuality, Tantric spirituality and art, and followed their paths around the world. Compelled onward by their investigation of “What started the War Between the Sexes?”, they uncovered clues within different cultures and within their own relationship. This memoir weaves the threads together into a colorful tapestry that is relevant to modern people living in a world in transition. It offers guidance for those ready to look behind the veils, to face the shadow realms, and to embrace the pleasures of liberation.

This is a book of powerful ideas. If people were truthfully informed about the forces at work in our world – both seen and unseen, internal and external – they could choose lives of greater harmony with each other and the Earth.


Venus and Her Lover ~ Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves is a memoir describing the adventures of poet Becca Tzigany and artist JG Bertrand during the production of their Tantric art project. Composed of many chapters, each section of the memoir takes place in a different part of the world, symbolized by a different element. The chapters represBecca in E.PRented on this website:

From Puerto Rico (WATER):
“Lilith of the Night” – our personal trials invoking Lilith, “first woman” of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and unraveling the myth’s implications in the Patriarchy.

“Dream Yoga & the Tantric Wisdom Goddesses” – invoking Hindu goddess Kali began a journey into the Shadow and sexual healing. Penetrating Tantric feminine wisdom through a dream sequence with Tara, Kali, Sarasvati, and Lakshmi.

From Italia (AIR):
“Maiden, Mother, Crone” – the initiatory crucibles of birth and aging, as experienced in a medieval Tuscan village.

                         12 lago como James & Becca            Bennabio, Toscana, Italia


From India (ETHER):
“At the Feet of the Guru” – learning secrets of Tantric (nondual) realization on the banks of the Ganges River and on a climb of Ramana Maharshi’s mountain.


Becca on Ganges ghats, Varanasi – Version 2     James Bertrand walking, TajMahal – Version 2     Dalit man, JB, Ganges ghats, Varanasi – Version 2


How has this book impacted readers?

It’s a wonderful, wonderful read ~ soulful and inspiring ~ weaving the personal & mythic realms.  I’ve worked with Becca & James in an editorial/compositional capacity and know that their passion & courage are singular!

~ Mary Trainor~Brigham, author of Deep Cinema, and Scribe~for~Hire        Coastal Maine, USA


Once I started reading Venus and Her Lover, I couldn’t put it down.  I honestly think this book will inspire a movement.

~  Susan Davis Moora,  President, Capital Missions Company,  founder of, and author of The Trojan Horse of Love                                                Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador


Certainly gripping but not in the pulp fiction page-turner way, Venus and Her Lover leads the reader into a very interesting world, enticing him/her along with revealing and sometimes spicy doses of sexuality and spiritual knowledge.  Tantalizing. The combination of travelogue style and delivery of information is quite unique in Tzigany’s easy-flowing voice; it is womanly writing as well.

~ Daniel Pugh, Humanitarian Operations Consultant and Yoga Teacher                              Kathmandu, Nepal


Toward the end of the book, where Tzigany describes her past life vision, I felt it to the core of my being, and I felt a shift and healing so deep, there are no words yet to describe it, for it goes to the depth of my spirit and limbic brain.

Venus and Her Lover is a life-affirming, transformative project touching humanity’s spirit at a level deep into our DNA.

~ Mary L. Renaghan,  Spiritual Life Coach                                                    Palo Alto, California, USA


Becca Tzigany reveals with great love, skill and clarity the inner archetypal world we carry. Her work points us to a path of choice where finally we can open to the deliciousness of who we truly are and free ourselves.  It is a work dedicated to birthing switched-on people who can give and receive love in truthful connection. Bravo, Becca, for providing this rich pool of reflection to reclaim our lost selves – a delicious and crystal clear sensual vista of soul redemption unfolds.

~ Sienna Lea,    Founder,, radio show host, author of Stealing the Moon                                Chicago, Illinois, USA

JB+BT_Silver_Surfer_ van on the road

This is a unique travel book, Tzigany’s own personal Lonely Planet guide for the masses of yearning souls who know that there is something “else” out there, another way…

~  Dana Teton,  CEO, Option 3                                                             Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA



Reading Venus and Her Lover,  it felt as if I travelled with Becca and James on their journey:  behind the camera in the erotic photo shoots, dissolving boundaries, facing vestiges of shame and moving beyond it, tears flowing and heart aching as dear friends turned away from uncomfortable truths, healing lifetime wounds through naked transparency, opening my mind through the life-affirming discussions with the wonderful scientist Nassim Haramein, being there on the Caribbean beach as Becca and James communed with the Goddess/es, the moments of contraction and expansion and self-discovery with Kali and Lilith, the breathing practices and retreats to self-loving, facing the grief of closing certain life chapters, and then bravely moving  forward

A shocking experience I had was Becca’s memories of patriarchal history – shocking in that it brought back my own memory.  It is likely that others reading this work will have similar resonances.
It is very helpful … the style she has chosen of being so transparent with her personal experience.  I’m sure that others will find this story an aid in people’s own healing.

~  Premdaya Wajida Mathieu,  Wholistic Wellness Consultant                                                               Boise, Idaho, USA

JB,Ramses,Becca family on Steps Beach2      Kali ,Birth of a Goddess, Venus & Her Lover      Becca Tzigany, temple steps, Nepal     41 Pachamama,Machu Picchu3

Wow, I felt so many parallels with my own life during the course of reading this impressive memoir.  Once the fire of Kali and Pele took hold of me, I had no choice but to surrender to the power of transformation.  It was quite a journey!

In Venus & Her Lover, Tzigany artistically weaves her personal experience with mythology, science, religion, and history…and ultimately reveals that we have the ability to transcend it all.  So empowering!!!

I didn’t want the book to end.  It was like an orgasm . . . once you get going, why stop?

~ Malee Lawana, Vibrational Healing Artist                         Chiang Mai, Thailand


Reading Venus and Her Lover was very thought-provoking.  For the last one-and-a-half years I have been on an incredible journey, following my own path learning about the Divine Feminine.  Funny how important books turn up for me, just at the right time.  This was one of them.  I found it riveting and picked up quite a few new ways of looking at the development of human consciousness.

~ Walter Moora, Biodynamic Farmer, Workshop Leader, author of A Farmer’s Love       East Troy, Wisconsin, USA


I left Tuscany, my home, twenty years ago and never looked back, and never wanted to go back until I read the Italian chapters of Tzigany’s book.  Her words brought me back to the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, to the flavours and the scents of my homeland.  I relived through her writing the feeling of being home and the ancient mysteries of that magical place that Tuscany is.  Thank you, Becca, for bringing home back to me.

~ Franco Magrini, Food Artist                                                             Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador


Venus and Her Lover  is right up my alley of interest almost in a genetic sense. My mother taught me a great deal about the history of the Patriarchy when I was very young and she wrestled – as have I – with the questions:  Where did it all go off the rails?  What caused the shift?  Where did we go wrong?  Ms. Tzigany presents so much to consider, I was not only totally intrigued but also engaged and entertained.

~ Madeleine MacKenzie,   Writer, Artist                                                                                        Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


I am thankful to Venus and Her Lover  for relentlessly harvesting the mythological wisdom of the world’s diverse cultures.  Becca Tzigany digs so deep and soars so high, breaking through our societal restraints, to lead us on to a more integrated and healing place. Tzigany and Bertrand are tour guides to our deeper souls.

~ Robert Althouse,  Filmmaker                                                      Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Mars and Venus help Pachamama birth a new Earth in "Born Again"


Preface                               Becca Tzigany & James Bertrand, PR       

Prologue:  Where the Goddess Stepped Ashore

En la Isla del Encanto
Shooting Star
The Yoga of Juggling Thunderbolts
Mama Africa Sets Sail
Pandora’s Jar
Rings Around the Moonartist James Bertrand, PR studio
USA:  California Debut

Lilith of the Night 
Why the War

Dream Yoga and the Tantric Wisdom Goddesses 
Of Pagans, Pariahs, and Perverts
USA:  Science of the Star
The Road to Aguada


TUSCANY ~ ITALIA / AIR                      

Under the Tuscan Clouds
USA:  Blood Red / White Might / True Blue
Amid the Redwoods
Roses Have Thorns
The Descent of Inanna
Listening for Green Man
GREECE:  Crete and the Great Reversal

Becca Tzigany, James Bertrand Greece 03Maiden, Mother, Crone
The Tantric Oracle

USA:  The Warrior Stumbles


Between Trapezes on Pele’s Island
Aligned with Venus
The Dance of the Eternal Couple      Becca meditating, Thailand, Venus and Her Lover
Fire and Ice
THAILAND:  Sex in the Land of the Free
The Passion of Pele
Honoring the ‘Aina
Aloha ‘oe!  A Hui Ho!


Wandering in the Desert           Becca, Taos Pueblo, NM
Mohammed Meets Kuan Yin as Crone
The Tao of Taos
The Coterie
World Mountain
Real Valentines
PERU:  In the Palm of Her Hand
MEXICO:  Nuestra Señora and the Lords of Time
The Grand Unveiling
Within the Silence of Chaco
La Querencia

James Bertrand, Nepal


THAILAND:  Salvation in the Land of the Free
NEPAL:  Himalayan High
At the Feet of the Guru
What Happened to Shakti
Dark Venus
In the Shadow of Ishtar
The Road to Aguada Redux

EpilogueBecca Tzigany, Nepal



Tantric Commitment Ceremony



Art & Poetry



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