Transcending the Myth takes you on the ride of a lifetime into your most intimate fantasies and out of a world of dysfunction. This illustrated book reveals a currently emerging paradigm, where the Masculine and Feminine principles meet on level ground. In accordance with an Integral way of thinking, we can celebrate our bodies, sex is sacred, and relationships become sustainable. No more “War Between the Sexes”!

Venus and Her Lover ~ Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves

describes the ecstasies and exposes the trials of two artists, JG Bertand and Becca Tzigany, who unwittingly embarked upon their own Tantric path by painting and writing about their love affair. They soon discovered that their paintings and poetry invoked archetypal energies, and as they became more aware of them, Becca and James allowed these energies to express themselves more powerfully in their lives, in the service of their own personal liberation and kosmic integration.

This is what happened:

► Gods and goddesses from different world cultures revealed themselves on the canvas and through the poetry

► Becca and James uprooted their family to follow the calling they heard, producing the book in five places (later realizing their significance):

(1) the Caribbean – element of WATER
(2) Tuscany, Italy – element of AIR
(3) Hawai’i – element of FIRE
(4) New Mexico, USA – element of EARTH
(5) India – element of ETHER

Venus and Her Lover contains, therefore, the five elements of Tantra as well as the five elements of the Cosmos.

► Becca traced the lineage of Venus (the feminine expression of love, sexuality, and the definition of beauty) all the way back to the Sumerian goddess Inanna. There she discovered how the Feminine (as well as the Masculine) had been sold out to the Dominator Culture. In this way, the energies of love, romance, and sex became available for sinister forces to manipulate and exploit.

► By diving into the personal and collective Shadow, the artists worked at breaking contracts with Dominator forces, so they could transcend the hypnotic myths and express their true natures in liberation.

► The artists, through adventures, hardships, and mystical experiences, came to understand that a Tantric lifestyle could heal relationship issues, as well as help restore the planetary balance.

Venus and Her Lover can be received on many levels:
► erotic art (64 original paintings) and poetry
► an exploration of conscious sexuality (Tantra) and relationship
► a romantic personal memoir & travelogue
► an analysis of world mythology
► a spiritual quest for Kosmic awareness and nondual liberation
► a sociological /political /psychological /environmental / scientific /religious study of the role of the Masculine/Feminine or anima/animus dichotomy in human development
► a long view of Earth history and prehistory with a galactic perspective

Over 15 years in the making, Venus and Her Lover plumbs the depths of the “final frontier” for most people – the shadows of our sexual natures – to offer a vision, literally, of what relationship with ourselves, one another, and our world might look like. As the Fates would have it, it turned out being sexy and fun, too!