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Orders to be shipped outside of the USA currently do not calculate shipping costs correctly. Anyone who places such an order will be emailed a follow-up invoice for the balance of shipping costs, with options for speed and carrier.  Thank you for your patience as we update our e-business and improve our postage calculator, and … Thank you for supporting this work!

See below for important information about coupons and shipping for bundles of prints. Thank you!

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The bundle discounts for prints will soon be automated. Until then, to get discounts on bundles of prints, add a coupon for each extra print.

For each extra small print, add:

  • secondsmallprint
  • thirdsmallprint
  • fourthsmallprint

For each extra large print, add:

  • secondlargeprint
  • thirdlargeprint
  • fourthlargeprint

Shipping for the prints in your order should cost:



  • USPS First Class (slow, about 6-10 business days): $26 (up to four prints per tube if all small), $41.50 (up to four if some large prints)




  • USPS Priority (3-5 business days): $68 (all small prints), $81 (some large prints)



WITHIN THE US (where we ship from)–


  • USPS Media Mail (up to 6-10 business days, usually quicker): $3.82 (all small prints), $4.45 (some large prints)




  • USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days): $15.95 (all small prints), $21.15 (some large prints)



Cheaper shipping prices may be available for these options, and we will apply them and reimburse you when that happens.



  • Free Pickup: we have an inventory here, with a local, no-shipping discount of another $17 per print for any bundling and no shipping postage charges: inquire by email



For now, our shipping setup for prints is a work in progress. Until then, you will be billed for shipping in a separate invoice based on what type of shipping you list in the notes section of your order. Thank you for your patience as we finish setting this up to work automatically!