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by JG Bertrand





The 64 paintings included in The Pillow Book are a special series within the canon of Venus and Her Lover. These have been protected and kept together, through financial hardship, because they are part of a different legacy and are not for sale. Other paintings were also created in the course of the Venus and her Lover project, by painter James Bertrand:

  1. The Pillow Appendix, a series of around 6 Studies, in the style of The Pillow Book series (and sometimes, as earlier versions), but not included in the ‘final cut’ of the Pillow Book series, and
  2. 2) Rainbow Erotica, a series of 13 renditions in a more abstracted style (some new, and again: some a version of a Pillow Book piece).

Unlike the Pillow Book series of paintings, the Pillow Appendix and Rainbow Erotica series of paintings are for sale and priced below. These are the entirety of the Venus and Her Lover canon as created by James Bertrand: he has quite literally and ritually hung his paintbrush up in fiery effigy. The canon from him is closed.




Much tantric art available today hails back to the venerable artistic traditions of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian erotica. Yab Yum Original Tantric Art promotes expressions of sacred sexuality as created by contemporary artists.



These are studies I painted for the Venus and Her Lover project – some did not make the cut for the book, and some were done simply out of love for the pose. All are acrylics on canvas.

In “Pachamama #1”, we wanted the subject – the Earth Mother of the Incas – but when Becca was unable to write a poem to the finished painting, it was de facto eliminated. Two years later, the genuine Pachamama model showed up, and we understood why this one didn’t make it in. So our newer Andean goddess will be appearing soon in a Pillow Book near you.

“The Embrace”: Sweet and tender. Very loving, yet this Sapphic pose didn’t find its way into The Pillow Book. It was purchased by a friend when we visited her on our pilgrimage to Greece. Ended up paying for our trip – a fitting example of how love comes back around.

While “Emerald Goddess” painting was not destined for the book, I so loved the pose of this beautiful yogini, I just had to paint her. Do you wonder who is the Emerald Goddess in this Native-American themed piece? If you guessed the serpent, you are right!

“Sipping the Vast Spring #2”: Ladies always love this one – can you figure out why? I love it as well and repeated the pose on canvas just for kicks. Since #1 is in the project, this one would come with a poem by Becca Tzigany.

Rebirth of Venus #2 is a beauty that was actually in The Pillow Book for three years. Because it is such an important piece in our project, however, it began tugging on me to render it in a more refined style. So I painted the current “Rebirth of Venus”, making this one a study. This one also comes with a poem by Becca Tzigany.

Mary … What a classic pose for full-figure beauty! This painting demonstrates the steps of paint-layering I use in the process of the Venus and Her Lover paintings.


by J.G. Bertrand

While living in Italy, I worked at a pace that defied even me. There were many consequences to this strange but true fact – the most relevant being that I got way ahead of Becca’s writing on our Venus and Her Lover project. By this point in our work, we both needed to do research for each piece before I could begin painting. So I had to stop. OK, now what? I couldn’t just stop painting, and I did not want to get out of the mindset of our tantric artistic mission. “I’ll do an exercise,” I thought to myself, “and have fun doing it! I’ll diffuse the graphic imagery from Venus and Her Lover but paint the very same topics. Let’s see how folks will react . . .”

The broad bands of color (the rainbow) signify strips of film, and the concentric circles signify the camera lens, which symbolize that the imagery is from photography. Some of the subjects are duplicates from The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover – Reinventing the Myth, and some are images that did not make it into the book. Unlike the paintings for The Pillow Book, I created these with the intention to sell. (Please don’t hold that against me!) Therefore, these original acrylics on canvas are priced to move. Naturally I have done each one uniquely different, like variations on a theme. Each one is an original work of art.

So, does the difference of style make the Rainbow Erotica easier to take than the Pillow Book paintings? Or less sexy, or more so?

Thanks for taking a look –
J.G. Bertrand



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