Aligning with Venus

Myth: The Final Battle
September 3, 2019
March 10, 2021

[February 2021]

by Becca Tzigany

Venus is gathering her forces to draw us, like hummingbirds toward hibiscus, into the pleasures of Love.



It’s time for our ego-protective notions of Love to grow up. Have we as Lovers suffered enough to learn from Jealousy theatrics, Codependent complications, Victim tragedies? Have we healed our Wounded Child? Can we as a collective get out of the Stockholm Syndrome relationship we have with our Big Daddies (State, Religion, and Culture)?  Do we have enough sisterly and brotherly Love to help the Walking Wounded who are willing, to stumble out of a societal paradigm in apoplexy?

Time to clean up our act.  Ochun’s River (detail), by JG Bertrand, from The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover

In a showdown between Love and Fear, who wins our hearts?


At this crossroads of mythic stature for humanity, how kind of Venus, the Goddess of Love / Romance / Art / Beauty, to power up her influence.  Astronomically it is the time of Venus as Morning Star, heralding a new dawn.  Astrologically, Venus in Aquarius helps the goddess focus on her desires.  What does the Principle of Love want to manifest?   What’s your pleasure, M’Lady?


Such a force could change the physical world we’re used to.  If we open to it, we could channel that energy into creating community gardens, concocting a new chutney recipe, making art, or stoking passion for Truth as well as delicious sexual intrigues.   And then there’s that quantum leap into a new era that is demanding attention right now. We could use some booster power.


So tonight, I make a prayer:  May the Goddess of Love dispense her ever-lasting medicine through my heart and my hands. 


After soaking in a hot hot bath, I walk naked into the night chill.  Lying on the settled earth, I feel my skin pricked by little daggers of starlight. Saturn leans down toward me, shining with optimism and whispering memories of the Golden Age into my ear.  “You can do it,”he says.  “Here’s how.”  And my mind fills with visions of people working together, building new structures, dancing in community.  I can hear the rhythm of the music, beat on a drum by Cronos/Saturn.  He loves to keep time.


Then Jupiter, that randy ole Sky Father, blows his hot breath onto my chest.  My heart expands, radiating feelings of freedom and lovingkindness.  May all beings be liberated from suffering ~ all the men and women, soldiers in the War Between the Sexes.  Give it up.   Relax into love.   Jupiter/Zeus loves to seduce.


With Venusian fortitude, I invoke men I have known ~ with their warrior enthusiasm, wounded little boys inside, high ideals, and devotion to service ~ and I allow each one, in turn, to penetrate me.  I let him in, and him, and him, too.  Compassion wells up and flows into an aura that holds my etheric lover and me in ecstatic embrace.  Through the yin practice of accepting and allowing, I am strengthened in the power of Love. 

Lovers in Flight (detail) by JG Bertrand, from The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover

Even in this night cold, I feel the warmth radiating from inside.  The triumph of Love.  How sweet it tastes.  I wrap myself warmly and walk back to the house, to dream the whole night long a new world into being.  Like a deliciously slow, measured lovemaking session, it is a pleasure and honor to be here now.




Feb 06, 02:06 am –Venus conjunct Saturn 05 ♒️ 54

Feb 06, 10:32 pm –Venus square Uranus

Feb 08, 08:47 am –Sun conjunct Mercury Rx 20 ♒️ 01

Feb 10, 07:15 am –Mercury square Mars

Feb 11, 09:59 am –Venus conjunct Jupiter 12 ♒️ 34 THE BIG ONE 😉

Feb 11, 02:05 pm –New Moon 23 ♒️ 17

Feb 13, 02:47 am –Mercury conjunct Venus 14 ♒️ 42

Feb 13, 09:12 pm –Mars sextile Neptune

Feb 14, 04:39 pm –Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter 13 ♒️ 20

Feb 17, 02:08 pm –Saturn square Uranus

Feb 19, 01:47 pm –1st Quarter Moon 01 ♊️ 21

Feb 19, 06:03 pm –Venus square Mars




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