In Memory of James William Birthrong

Whale Wisdom & Sacred Activism
November 5, 2021
Toward the Pure Land
May 8, 2022

14 November 1947 – 7 March 2022

The lover, visionary, charioteer, artist, and spark for Venus and Her Lover, passed away on 7 March 2022 around 9:00pm Ecuadorian time. In addition to living a unique art career, he was an accomplished surfer, world traveler, chef, and wise man. He was a father, stepdad, grandfather, brother, and uncle beloved by his family. He could be stubborn, opinionated, cantankerous, crude, and had to do things his own way, yet those who loved him accepted him for his authentic self.

The journey and battle was long. His stand for peace and justice and love strong.

A fuller biography will follow to expand on our About the Artists webpage and the 900-page memoir (still available for free in ebook and audiobook).

Thank you for all who attended James’ memorial on March 11, in person in Ecuador, and virtually (albeit with many technical problems). The memorial can be viewed in two parts: here and here.

And thank you to all who reached out to contact Becca Tzigany with your love. Her responses are slow but coming.

An extensive online portfolio of all of James’ prolific artwork will soon be posted, also.

His book of aphorisms, Jahmejisms – Ejaculations of Wisdom, will be published posthumously.

In order to create a Communal Obituary, please leave comments at the bottom of this page with feelings and stories and any reflections about how James touched your life. This will be our collective and interactive space for our homage/funeral/remembrance/bardo practice/celebration. We will add some of them to the biography. If you wish to privately share anything with Becca, please email her directly at [email protected]

Enjoy the slideshow of James’ life here on this page.  You can view the images by using the arrow or swiping through it. For accompanying music, consider these suggestions:

If you would like music to accompany this slideshow, here are some suggestions:

James: You are loved. You will be missed. Your Venus and Her Lover work will change generations, and your spirit shines on, in your genius and your wisdom and in all of the acts of friendly and amorous love and generosity by which you are fondly and vividly remembered.

Till next we meet, James , JB, Mars Man, Baba Jahmeji, Jamusu, Kimo, Jaime, Jim, Santa Claus, Jaimito el Cartero, James Guillaume Bertrand, JG Bertrand, James William Birthrong, JWB III . . .

Love Over All,

Becca, the Venus and Her Lover Team, and the Community



  1. Craig Nichols says:

    I knew J.B. in Isla Vista, CA. I remember when he did his first silhouette palm tree with ocean and sun. Thinning acrylics with same color ink instead of water, I thought, was very smart. I believe that was in November of 1979. He was psyched! He was a good salesman and ended up going to Puerto Rico for awhile. I saw him later on in Santa Barbara. He had a larger body of work then. I have a lot of J.B. stories.

  2. Jacks says:

    If anyone’s death shocks me the most it’s his. I guess a part of me thought tough as nails James would outlive us all. In a way, he will, that James energy and the impression he’s left on me and others…

  3. Amos says:

    The heart you and Becca have pasted on my mirror still appears when the steam touches it.
    Farewell gentle warrior our meeting and the works we did on a rooftop in Sitges Spain are engraved in my soul.

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