You were born to find your other half. You are not the type to go through life alone. Beyond that, the self-portrait you have hanging on the walls of your mind has you reclining on a velvet sofa, delicately caressing your lover’s face, talking softly hand-in-hand, dreaming together. You are particularly connected to Nature — with trees, flowers, and herbs. Like the Earth, you know how to give generously and passionately. Your natural eros renews itself like the seasons. Darling, you already have everything you need.

Why, then, would you want to sprint though each day, chasing after notions of fabulous villas, the glitter of money, or an ambition for glory? Such mundane, material pursuits will only cause you anxiety. You are not a cog in the infernal mechanism of modern life. While it may be necessary to earn a living, you must not sacrifice the best of your life energy on the altar of money. Remember: your own happiness is very important to you. For you that means having the freedom to sit in a springtime garden, stroking the perfect skin of your lover, offering your beloved a goblet of sparkling wine.

Seek simplicity in simple things. Humility, purity of heart, honesty, and other virtues are more easily found in the country hamlet than in the palace. Your romanticism may seem to be from another century; it should not be tarnished by the lackluster imagination of today’s society. Your heart’s wisdom will keep you genuine.

To find your other half, follow your deep desire to uncover your soul identity. Your journey of self-realization can impart insight into the karmic and balancing forces of the Universe and teach you how to tap into its powers of manifestation. Learn the Law of Attraction, and practice creative visualization. Even in the coldest winter night, hold high the torch of love. One fine day you will lift up your eyes and behold your true love. Together you can live out a glorious love affair, like one of those legendary sagas from times long gone.

ADVICE: Balancing your masculine and feminine aspects, behave as if you have already arrived at perfection. Be content. Recognize the god and goddess within you. Then act accordingly toward others. Keep your perspective in the rarefied air of the mountain peak.

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