There is no need to spend time on regrets or reminiscing about the good ole days when you vibrated with so much passion that you made love all night long, free of thoughts. The passage of time restricts the angle of reckless pleasure. Now you need just the right atmosphere and stimulation to awaken the energy that is sleeping within.

Re-connect with your instincts. Realize that you are still you; inside you have not changed at all. Your mind may seem slower because of the wisdom you have acquired through experience. Defining your boundaries comes from knowing well the lay of the land.

So what if the libido locomotive is not barreling down the tracks like it used to? Now, more selective and refined in your sexual life, you are like a smart old bear who can catch salmon from the stream and shimmy up a tree for a taste of honey. Your finesse in bed will maintain the look of love in your partner’s eyes. By taking your time, you fully savor the juicy peach of carnal gratification.

“La gallina vecchia fa buon brodo.”

(“Old hen makes for good broth.”)

ADVICE: To drink from the tantric fountain of youth, cherish the body’s essences. The woman’s juices must be coaxed to flow with the delicacy of a white rose opening to bloom. The man must retain his essence, re-absorbing it into himself, as well as absorbing his partner’s. In this way, sex enlivens and strengthens both partners, instead of depleting them.

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