What free sexuality! You are a hot-blooded gypsy, driven by your lust to experience new sensations. You will travel to exotic ports of call, eager to taste so-called perverse pleasures. And why not? No one has ever given you one good reason to deny your natural impulses. You seek romantic encounters to answer the restlessness that your erotic exuberance creates in you, and to explore alternate realities beyond the normal one. In your daily life at home, your emotional flow is so powerful that it takes some effort to channel it. One way to release some of the magma of your volcano is to express your carnal urges in a universal language: through poetry, sculpture, or music. Affirm your freedom. Through art, you can erect monuments to Eros in a society blanketed by a tundra of icy morality.

For you, pursuing temptation, danger, and risk are the delicious spices without which the daily soup would be bland. Your sex life is sure to be unconventional: impossible relationships with plots like a Hollywood movie, and secret alcoves where your raw, goat-like eroticism can express itself with unbridled gusto.

Bring chocolates to a romantic rendezvous on a beach. With your lover laid before you, explore the insides of the arms and legs with a feather, then the light touch of your fingers, then your tongue. Let your lover’s moans set the pace. Garnish each orgasm with a taste of chocolate.

ADVICE: Open your arms to the wind. Let the breeze fill your sleeves, flow across your chest and pubis, and bathe your loins. Float on this wind wherever you want to go.

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