You are a delight for the opposite sex. Even if you don’t move or say a word, your eyes speak, revealing your most intimate emotions, which do not escape the notice of those who travel on your same frequency. For the fortunate people that have the privilege of caressing your chest or kissing your perfumed garden, the sense of generosity that you bestow upon them will remain with them forever. If only there were more people like you on Earth!

In this life you bear a chalice that is always overflowing with the light of love. It is a balm for the hearts of all those caught in the trap of self-deprecation. Since you recognize their beauty — whether they are a warty toad or vulnerable fawn — you can warm them in the sunshine of your unconditional love. Like a creature arrived from another world, you have blazed a trail in stardust, connecting Heaven and Earth. Where you step, flowers of hope spring up. You are walking proof of the infinite abundance of the Universe.

At this time you are attracting a variety of opportunities, like hummingbirds drawn to hibiscus flowers. Maintaining humility, and without ulterior motive, choose the ones to whom you most want to devote your energies. If none really engage you, rest assured that more possibilities will soon present themselves. As you stroll through the orchard of Life, sometimes a pomegranate falls into your hands, and sometimes you have to pick one. Either way, whatever you need is always within your reach.  Remember this.

Nurture your inner peace. This is what people see when they gaze into your steady eyes. One soulful look from you can restore vision to those blinded by desperation. Your grace and harmony shine through their darkness.

Love heals all, completes all, conquers all. Those that make love with you become tinged with your golden aura and will go on to shine this radiance into the far corners of the world.

ADVICE: Remember that you are going to die. Use time as if it were the most precious thing that you possess.


§§  To learn more about the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, see this excerpt from The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover – Legendary Passions Brought to Life:  The Blessing

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