Venus and Her Lover

Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves

by Becca Tzigany

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What Started the War Between the Sexes?

When two artists, Becca Tzigany and James Bertrand, followed their destiny and began a worldwide investigation into the forbidden history of humanity and ancient mythology, they could not have predicted the lessons they would discover. Compelled onward, they uncovered clues within different cultures and their own relationship about what holds us back from feeling free enough to experience deep intimacy and spiritual sex.

Venus and Her Lover ~ Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves is their long-awaited memoir, which weaves tales of personal struggle, encounters with mythological archetypes, and the ecstasies of spiritual sex, into a coherent view of our planet in transition. It is the result of two decades of self-experimentation with Tantric sex, meditation journeys, and sacred healing arts. Accompany Becca and James behind the veils, deep into the shadow realms, and through the pleasures of liberation.

Each section of their memoir covers their years together in different parts of the world (including Puerto Rico, California, Italy, Greece, Hawaii, Thailand, New Mexico, India, and Nepal), symbolized by different spiritual elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Ether.

Learn about the forces at work in our world—seen and unseen, internal and external—so you and your lover can live in greater harmony with each other and the Earth beyond the limiting influence of our dominator society.

By following the sacred journey and surprising adventures of Venus and Her Lover ~ Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves Volumes 1 & 2, you will discover:

  • The hidden history of human development and mythology.
  • The timeless influences of archetypes and the archetypal psychology that guides men and women.
  • How civilizations throughout history condoned a wide menu of relationship options, including celibacy, marriage, polyamory, and transgenderism.
  • The primal sources of sexual passion and how they can lead to soul awakening.
  • How the “return of the Goddess” goes beyond Feminism and is calling up the Divine Feminine and Mature Masculine to right the balance in society.
  • How to break disempowering patterns and heal trauma with consciousness science and Integral philosophy.
  • How surrendering to one’s chosen destiny leads to magic, synchronicities, and miracles.

Listen to excerpts from the book

Quote from Becca Tzigany, and excerpt from the chapter, “The Warrior Stumbles”

Excerpt from the chapter, “Aligned with Venus”


  1. Sinthu Chandralingam says:

    How do I download you audio book?
    It does not seem to allow me?

  2. Sinthu C says:

    What is the different between Volumes 1 & 2?

    • Volume 2 is a continuation of Volume 1. It is a big adventurous story – 10 years around the world investigating what happened to women and men and love – and it takes 2 volumes to tell it!

      Thanks for your question, and I hope you dive in with Volume 1 and feel compelled to discover how it all turns out in Volume 2.

      Pleasure Heals ~

  3. John smith says:

    Hello I wanted to buy the book but all I see is the audiobook? What’s going on? I saw you on Sashadaygames podcast and wanted to read more =/

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