July 2017

London, England

Intimacy, Communication & Ecstasy

What’s up with the Gender Gap? Why is it so challenging for men and women to have expansive and satisfying relationships? How can relationship be a safe space where love can grow and each person can reach their highest potential?


This workshop provides an opportunity to learn self-confidence and practice relationship skills useful for personal fulfillment, enduring friendship, and exciting romance. It is interactive and participatory. Come and co-create with us a pure, sensual container for couples or singles who are wishing to delve deeper into understanding the mysterious connection between Intimacy & Communication. This retreat is catered to those who have a deep knowing that intimacy is something needed both in and out of the bedroom – especially for deep, healthy, nourishing, sustainable relating.
7 – 9 July  2017    
Friday, Saturday, Sunday       9:30-5:30pm
Neal’s Yard,  Covent Garden, London       UK 
In this Workshop you will practice:
– Seeing sex as a form of communication
Knowing how to identify, validate and hold space for the masculine and feminine core wounds within and without
Understanding key aspects of deep relating
Moving through the blocks which have been holding you back
Gaining tools on managing conflict when it arises
Bringing things ‘back to basics’ with Emotion, Intimacy & Boundaries
Learning how to pleasure, heal and empower each other
 Topics we will explore:
 Principles of Intimacy
 The Tantric Vision
 Communication how to listen & how to express oneself
 Wheel of Consent and Naming Boundaries
 Neurological decoding
 Tantric techniques
 The Divine Masculine & The Divine Feminine
touch, Saf & Diana, London Tantra workshop

May 2017

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Infinite Man Summit


infinite man
The Infinite Man Summit is a new event that inspires men to create extraordinary lives. We are a group of free thinkers who believe in truth, authenticity, and living outside the box. We believe an inspired and well informed man can achieve success in all the critical aspects of life, including health, wealth, relationships, and purpose.
Becca presents on the Power of Synergistic Relationship.  When a couple enjoys a committed, healthy, and transformational relationship, they create synergy that can not only fulfill their personal dreams but can change the world.
Infinite Man Summit Becca presentation              fullsizeoutput_1a43     Becca presents at Infinite Man Summit

December 2016

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Intimidad Divina Workshop


Becca teams up with Christine Maldonado, ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) organizer and facilitator to present an introductory Tantra workshop in Latin America. As an exploration of the Masculine & Feminine principles, body and emotional awareness, communication skills, breath, Tantric spiritual principles, and self-expression, this workshop lays a strong foundation for any relationship. == Becca se alía con Christine Maldonado organizadora y facilitadora de la ISTA (Escuela Internacional de las Artes del Templo) para presentar un taller de Tantra introductora en América Latina. Como una exploración de los principios del masculino y femenino, la conciencia corporal y emocional, la comunicación, la respiración, los principios espirituales tantricos y la autoexpresión, este taller establece una base sólida para cualquier relación.
       workshop Intimidad Divina    Christine&BT, workshop IntimidadDIvina            touch, Tantra workshop, Venus & Her Lover         Becca Tzigany workshop Yes-No exercise

August 2016

Aloasí, Pichincha, Ecuador

retiro familiar Gabee

In this weekend retreat, we will practice communication tools that allow us to flow better through our days. In addition to experiencing and learning activities that lead to healing and self-sufficiency, such as beekeeping, the retreat offers Transformational Breathwork and Trance/Ecstatic Dance. It is a time of giving priority to our growth, to our holistic health. This August holiday can be devoted to your family, as we practices relationship skills for couples and for parents and children. We have the honour to learn with Becca Tzigany, in a safe environment, away from the noise, in full communion with nature and the vibration of the bees.

En este retiro de un fin de semana,  practicamos las herramientas de comunicación que nos permitirán fluír mejor en el día a día.  Además de experimentar y aprender actividades que nos llevan a la sanación y autosuficiencia como es la Apicultura Familiar, la Respiración Transformacional y la Danza Trance o extatica. Es un momento de darle prioridad a nuestro crecimiento, a nuestra salud integral. El feriado de agosto puede dedicarse a tu familia, tenemos el honor de compartir con Becca Tzigany en un ambiente seguro, alejado del ruido, en plena comunión con la naturaleza y la vibración de las abejas.

Las Illinizas, Retiro at Bee Farm     Becca teaching communication, Retiro at Bee Farm     Dancing, Becca at Bee Farm

March 2015

Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador

Women of Power poster_1


Becca tells stories from our history, and how the Divine Feminine was expressed in ancient cultures, according to her  personal research in many countries around the world. She identifies the characteristics of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine (as well as the pathological characteristics, too).  And she shows how the Divine Feminine is back, and in fact, if we do not embody it, our future on Planet Earth is in danger. Despite global conditions, she gives a message of hope, because we (especially women), already know instinctively how to care for our families, our communities, and our planet.

“El Divino Feminino  ~ Porque Está de Retorno Hoy”

Becca relata cuentos de nuestra historia, y como el Divino Feminino se expresó en las culturas antiguas, según sus investigaciones personales en muchos países del mundo.  Identifica las características del Divino Feminino y del Divino Masculino (tanto como unas características patológicas también).  Y muestra como el Divino Feminino está de regreso, y de hecho, si no lo encarnamos, nuestro futuro en el Planeta Tierra está en peligro.  A pesar de las condiciones mundiales, da un mensaje de esperanza, porque nosotros, (especialmente las mujeres), ya sabemos instintivamente cómo cuidar nuestras familias, nuestras comunidades, y nuestro Planeta.

women of power invite                                                              Becca Tzigany                        Becca Tzigany, Women of Power Forum              Becca Tzigany, WOP Forum

February 2015


rise-man&woman new ground 2-15

Saturday, February 7, 2015 * This event was moved to Saturday, March 14th, same times.*
1pm San Francisco | 2pm Taos | 4pm New York | 9pm London | (Feb 8:) 2:30am Goa | 7:30am Adelaide

2+ Hours including attendees participation and Q&A.

Becca Tzigany & James Bertrand Hosted by Sienna Lea


Produced by:
RiseMultiversity logo


Satisfying, sustaining relationships are possible. When a couple can honestly trust one another, their connection becomes the platform for their mutual liberation. From a place of free choice, women and men increase their power to act in the world; their synergy becomes greater than either one of them.

While it may not be to the benefit of the Controllers to have happy, self-directed people, it is certainly to the benefit of men, women and children ~ not only for the pure pleasure of approaching their human potential, but for the enormous impact it would have on the “inhuman” systems at work in the world.

But how to get there? Why does it seem that we are defeated before we even start? If the deck is stacked against successful relationship, how can we overcome the obstacles?

If we take as a given that we all suffer from emotional wounds, predatory social brainwashing, dysfunctional parental modeling, or lowered expectations, then we can proceed to identify how these may be playing out in our lives with our partners. Once identified, the internal obstacles can be hauled out of the shadows and into the light for healing and correction. Our partner then becomes the perfect support person for this process.

Becca and James will be sharing practical exercises and approaches that have worked in their relationship for 17 years. Join us, and see what you might like to try on in your own relationship.

October 2014

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

crowdfunding invite jpg

For a fuller description and photographs of this event, see the Venus & Her Lover Facebook Page:

August-September 2012

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

waterwoman poster




and She’s bringing a new, humane system of exchange!

You are invited to assist in the reinvention of our current economic reality – one based on scarcity, greed, and insecurity – into one based on the abundant, caring, and functional ways of the Creatress. Through a three-day creative exploration into the Soul of Money, we will transmute the fearful, clutching aspects within us into inspirations to be trusting and expansive. Using ceremonial dance, poetry, ritual, and theater, we will experience what the influence of the Great Mother feels like ~ both in her absence (hence our world of competition, domination, and inequality) and in her re-establishment (toward a new world of cooperation, creativity, and production).

This 3-part workshop is led by Becca Tzigany, co-creator of the tantric art project, Venus and Her Lover ~ Reinventing the Myth ( and Sienna Lea, author of Stealing the Moon ~ a Woman’s Journey into the Shadow Self ( and host of the radio show Real Women Stepping up and the Men Who Love Them ( Both are well-seasoned transformative artists who will guide you through the Archetypal realms to initiate a new paradigm of inner and outer abundance.

Workshop times & place:
Lotus Lounge (i.e. Chill Dome)
Thursday (30 August), 2:00-4:00pm IDENTIFY
Friday (31 August), 1:00-3:00pm PURIFY
Saturday (1 September), 1:15-3:15pm RE-BIRTH & GLORIFY

We will be doing a money exercise on Day 1 of the workshop, so please bring some cash. There will be movement in Day 2 of this workshop, so dress in comfortable clothing. Bilingual workshop.



Becca Tzigany & Sienna Lea van a presentar en el Festival de la Mujer del Agua un tema muy pertinente a muchos de nosotros: $$$$

Tienes la bienvenida de ayudar en una reinvención de nuestra realidad económica – una basada en la escasez, el avaricio, y la inseguridad – a una basada en las maneras abundantes, cuidadosas, y funcionales de la Creadora. Por medio de una exploración creativa del Alma del Dinero, vamos a convertir los aspectos personales de miedo y de agarrar a unas inspiraciones para ser más confiado/as y expansivo/as. Utilizando la danza ceremonial, la poesía, el ritual, y el teatro, vamos a experimentar cómo se siente la influencia de la Diosa Madre – tanto en su ausencia (entonces nuestro mundo de la competición, la dominación, y la desigualdad), y en su re-establecimiento (hacia un mundo de la cooperación, la creatividad, y la producción).

Horario & Lugar:
jueves, 14h-16h IDENTIFICAR
viernes, 13h-15h PURIFICAR
sábado, 13h15-15h15 RENACER & GLORIFICAR
Lotus Lounge (Chill Dome)

Haremos un ejercicio sobre el dinero el Día 1, así que favor de traer en efectivo. En el Día 2, habrá movimiento, así que vístete en ropa cómoda. Taller bilingüe.

December 2011

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador


February 2011

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Eromantica poster

May 2009

Taos, New Mexico, USA


PEACE IS POSSIBLE – Implementing a Strategy for Peace, Social Justice and a Sustainable Future

Music – Speakers – Theater – Dance – Poetry – Workshops – Art Shows – Films – Campaigns – Plenaries

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
World Peace Week Program Events

10 a.m. – James Bertrand, Artist, & Becca Tzigany, Writer, The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover, Taos, NM, “What Started the War Between the Sexes?” This “war” has spilled over into how we treat each other and the environment. A look at our sexual shadows and bright potentials as depicted through art, from classical masterpieces to contemporary erotic art. Taos Convention Center, Rio Grande Hall, Room #2





















Presentations of the life-size paintings from The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover – Reinventing the Myth, accompanied by poetry readings by poet Becca Tzigany, are available for salon, private, or public venues. Becca and James travel extensively and visit California often. Contact us.

Becca Tzigany is available for oracle readings from The Pillow Deck. Learn the archetypal influences as well as personal issues at play in your romantic life. Email Becca at: to see when she will be in your area.

Rocco Iacopini is available for oracle readings from The Pillow Deck. Enjoy his unique perspective, as he is the original interpreter of the cards. If you are in Italy, consult with Rocco at:
Mago Merlino Teahouse
Via dei Pilastri 31/R
50121 Firenze, FI
Tel. 39 055 24 29 70

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