You have lost your craving for romantic adventure. After so many relationship stories and sexual liaisons, you feel tired, disillusioned, and empty. Now you are searching for a stable, serious relationship. That is fine, but your goal should not change your behavior toward others. Your prospective paramours need not submit to the newly installed judge in your tribunal of rationality, as your heart is not (nor has it ever been) inclined to act based on reason. Remain available and open, so others can appreciate your many charms. Settle your emotions and just be yourself. Realize that real love comes in its own time. Your ideal of love — which is basically your own image of stability and happiness — is pure, and one day will be rewarded.

In the mansion of your sexuality, however, there roam ghosts of emotional hurts, prickly guilts, and unrealistic expectations. There really is no room for a life partner until you evict the ghosts. So work on clearing and healing. Develop a relationship with yourself. The more strongly grounded you are in your true nature, the less you will be tempted to control others or to influence outcomes. You do not have to direct the flow of the river.

There are still some emotional intrigues waiting for you around the corner. These relationships can be your mirror, reflecting back to you what you need to learn about yourself. Nevertheless, once you have gotten through these, the road will unroll before you, and at the end of it, you will find a tidy home and a lovable partner. On Sundays you will plant the garden together and go to bed early to cuddle under the covers. Your dreams of intimacy and peace will be realized.

ADVICE: Take a trip south. Travel the direction of your heart.

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