It is time to return to your origins. Take a voyage into yourself, breathing life into the memory of who you are. Leave behind the noise and lights of the city, so you can reconnect with your natural sensibilities. Swim up the River of Emotions until you reach the source. Scrub away the layers of dead cells, old hurts, false ideas, and destructive habits. Washing your body in fresh spring water restores the soul.

Getting clear may require some sweating, whether from physical work, a sauna, or staring down your fears, but the rewards are certainly worth the effort you invest. Remember: you are shedding layers that have been weighing you down. You will feel lighter.

You have need of intimacy, of sweetness, of languid hours when you let yourself be fondled by friendly hands. Accept only considerate, tender lovers who are effortless to be around. Who ever said life has to be a struggle? Slow down, giving your intimates the time to stroke your hand and cover you with kisses. Be well there. You are liberating yourself little by little from the tangle of banal demands and mental complexes. You are washing away your own clichés about sex.

Making love is not a drill. A slow, fluid coupling can give your partner much greater pleasure. Let yourself be carried away by the currents of love. Float in the eddies of sensation.

As your voyage clears your mind and purifies your body, you will have effervescent encounters with angels of Paradise that will magically give you what you need right now.

ADVICE: Take some time in the country. Nature will cradle you. There you will find the joy of sex and the grace of the Universe.


§§  To learn more about the Afro-Caribbean orisha Oshun, see this excerpt from The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover – Legendary Passions Brought to LifeIn Oshun’s River

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