With time, everything passes away. Love ends. Things of yesterday seem 100 years ago. You are here with your body but the mind roams the desert of nothingness, drifting on doubts and searching for a new place to land. Every time you look in the mirror, you see something different: emptiness, detachment, and images that bubble up from the past. Tears sometimes flow unbidden. You stir the pot, knowing something is simmering but is not yet ready to serve. Worry not: you are getting ready for new territory. The anxiety twisting through your body clearly is the prelude to a groundbreaking encounter. You will feel it in the pit of your stomach. And you will lose yourself in an ocean of pleasure that you never experienced before. With your pubis bathed in heat and the perfume of musk in the air, you will say to yourself, “How could I have been asleep all these years?”

In the meantime, you are in limbo. You are like a shipwrecked sailor, clutching onto any piece of driftwood, and the shore seems far away. You are so preoccupied that you cannot imagine the deep well of erotic energy within you. But it is there. Tap into it. Let the thoughts in your mind drain away. Breathing deeply, allow your hand to be a curious cat, exploring the points of your body that send shivers of pleasure through your whole being. Learn the secrets of your timing and sensitivities. Know that a special someone is coming who would love to be initiated into your sexual mysteries. Be patient. When you least expect it, there will be a knock at the door, and when you open it, it will change your life.

ADVICE: Oil of patchouli will re-ignite the extinguished embers of your heart.

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