It is easier to break a chain of iron than a chain of flowers wound around your heart. The relationship with your partner is karmic, and it is not possible — even in this lifetime — to break this connection. Why, then, live your relationship like a punishment, spending your days arguing, pelting the other with stones of blame? Stubbornly following the way of pride only brings more rust to the chain which restricts your life.

Come down from your ivory tower. Show mercy. This is a sign of great intelligence. Lower your head. Why do you think the two of you have been brought together? You can prepare your suitcases and say you are leaving, but this will keep you far from the goal of your spiritual path. It will only increase your suffering.

You have an opportunity to break the chain of abuse, anger, and abandonment that you have unconsciously perpetuated. If you refuse to forgive your partner this time around, you will simply have to do it later, perhaps without the benefit of your current awareness. Who, if not you, holds the keys to your mutual liberation? Who, if not you, realizes the stature of your love?

Making love with your beloved, your bodies disappear and the roar of the ages whirls through you . . . so vast is your love. When you heal the grievances between you, this great love will flood forth, and buoy up humanity with it.

Every morning, before the altar of your love, perform an act of repentance. Every evening, do a brief ritual of thanksgiving. Thank your guardian angels that you found each other this lifetime. Such practices will soften your life together. You know, you are like a cup of coffee, bitter on the top . . . but if you mix it well, the sugar on the bottom will come to your lips — to the great joy of your partner.

ADVICE: When you make love, breathe in each other’s breath. Circulate your soul energies, and feel your eternal connection.

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