Remember that it is easy to be fooled by appearances. Don’t let yourself fall under the spell of people that do not really appreciate you. Why do you bestow your most precious treasure on lovers that do not tend to your orgasm? You have the ability to get yourself where you want to be, but your impatience paradoxically leads you on the circuitous route of maneuvering and manipulating. Armed with your sex appeal, how you love to play the game! Willingly or not, you often play the role of Mercury: you connect people. You find yourself in a love triangle with the King and the Queen . . . and you are the Joker. Then you must devote your energies to all the games, complexities, and subtle hypocrisies that those situations can bring with them.

You can reach the higher rungs of your ambitions, but you will have to roll through many beds before you find the right one. “To give or not to give?” This is the question. Your admirers sniff after the smell of your sex, so let them die of desire before you give yourself to them. Learn to be an actor. Then you can better play the various roles that the erotic comedy of your life brings you. Dress in a more captivating way, because, on this stage,

“Anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte.”
(“Let even the eyes have their feast.”)

Until your circumstances change, you might as well enjoy the daring roles you play.

ADVICE: It is time to prune the tree — to remove the dry branches that will never bear fruit for you. Re-evaluate your friendships and social relations. Which ones really nourish you?

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