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Some of you, familiar with our previous website, have asked WHAT’S NEW? about this one. Aside from the new format, most of the writing has been revised. We recently discovered Integral Philosophy, and came to realize that Venus and Her Lover comes from an integral perspective. What a pleasant surprise to discover an entire philosophy, with its vocabulary and literature, that we could apply to our work!

Here are the Major Overhauls:

* The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover has been split into 2 volumes:

(1)  VENUS AND HER LOVER – THE MEMOIR   describes our
adventures around the world producing our art.

(2)  THE PILLOW BOOK  contains the art, poetry, and academic essays
(mythology, etc.) of our reinvented myths.


* “History, Herstory, and the Spiral of Evolution” – traces the fortunes of men and women throughout history from a more balanced perspective, taking into account stages of development, spiritual Ascent and Descent,  and  Spiral Dynamics.

* “Living the Archetypes” –  a better weaving of the 2 perspectives of archetypes (as primordial seed essences, and as energetic imprints from the collective unconscious), plus a digression into archetypal sound (“Om!”).

“Reinventing the Myth” – a clearer presentation of how to practice mythology with tantric goals in mind, i.e. how to transcend but still enjoy mythological symbols in the service of spiritual opening.  Embodying the god and goddess in sexual practice, for example, can lead to experience of the eternal.

“Sacred Sex and our Art” – this introduction to our work is now framed with reference to the impulses toward Ascent and Descent.  We also present a list of tantric principles that have come alive in our lives.

“Lilith of the Night” – a chapter from the memoir, is expanded to include an essay originally written by James called “Father as Failure”, and now more fully details our personal ordeal invoking Lilith, the “first woman” of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and why she was relegated to the frightful night and replaced by Eve.

“At the Feet of the Guru” –  the chapter that tells of our entrance into India, a birthplace of Tantra.  It was not in our previous website, because we had not gone to India yet!

*  Link to our travel blog is new.

*  Link to our lively Facebook Page is new.

*  This blog is new.

*  The Home Page has a totally new look, and gives you easy access to the diverse offerings of our website (there’s even a Search box), as well as a place to sign up on ourmailing list.  You can now bookmark and share venusandherlover.com  via social media.


Thank you for your interest in and support of Venus and Her Lover!
Pleasure Heals ~
Becca & James

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