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The memoir, the mystical adventure traveloque ~ Venus and Her Lover - Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves ~ is gathering support for publication.  Check out the crowdfunding site to learn more of our story:


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Venus and Her Lover
Becca Tzigany                                        JG Bertrand
A Tantric art project that provides a meeting ground for the archetypal Feminine and Masculine, which integrates  body, mind, and spirit.  Where do the Masculine and Feminine meet?  In sexual union!  What tries to stop them?  The Matrix of the Dominator Culture.
These themes are explored through two books:
Volume 1: Venus and Her Lover - Transforming Myth, Sexuality, & Ourselves  tells, in intimate detail, the extraordinary love story of a poet (Tzigany) and a painter (Bertrand) who embark upon a global adventure to produce a book of Tantric art.  In the process, they must expand their consciousness to archetypal levels, or else be stopped by society’s sexual repression, systemic sabotage, and dangers on the road.
Volume 2: The Pillow Book of Venus and Her Lover – Transcending the Myth is the product of their love and labors.  Through their art and poetry, they portray what sustainability in sexuality and relationship might look like in the new millennium.
“We jump, both feet, into puddles
And shriek like Immortals
Drunk on sanity.”
- excerpt from “Thunder and Lightening (Hera’s Dream)” by Becca Tzigany


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